Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cat House on the Kings

As an animal lover and adorer of cats, I know how hard it is to not just take in every single stray one finds around the neighborhood. A friend of mine has taken in several cats - I think 7 altogether - and though some might snicker at what this suggests (lunatic cat lady), I get it. I grew up with grandparents and parents that were animal-nuts. Feeding and taking care of strays was a rewarding and arduous way to spend summer afternoons. The sad truth is that most people who undergo the task of taking care of neighborhood cats are not equipped to do so in a healthy manner. There are lots of things to consider: spaying and neutering, basic veterinary care, and providing more than just a place to congregate and eat. For all of you stray-lovers out there - take note of this wonderful woman. I would say she has it all covered. And I wish there were about a thousand more like her across the U.S.

Just outside of Los Angeles, Cat House on the Kings is a 6 acre, no kill, no cage cat-land. All the cats there are up for adoption - but no pressure on the kitties - they get to live out their lives on the ground if no one picks them. The woman who runs the sanctuary, Lynea Lattanzzio, was nominated for the 2007 Fresh Step Litter Cat Hero award. She lost to this lady, who helped rescue cats from the San Franciso bay area. If Lattanzzio is nominated again - my vote will go for her.

These cats look so happy to be alive.