Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I've been putting off this post because I wanted it to be perfect. I wanted to interview Kopper, the creator of the new podcast/social networking site I wanted to draft it out, you know, really polish this post. But there is a reason I dropped out of college - I simply put off the hard stuff. And this shouldn't be hard, should it? Here is the link if you want allllll of the story.

I'm sitting here listening to the latest episode of the podcast Mystery Action, and just enjoying the shit out of it! Its one of about 30 shows hosted on the site. All of the shows are playable from the page or downloadable for your pod machines. I love every single one of the shows. Some have over 100 episodes under their belts - all archived and available. For free.

To try and describe the kind of music using umbrella terms, well, I'll just end up looking like an idiot. I'll just say its like having the coolest friend who has the coolest basement pad and lets you lay around all day listening to his most radical, ecclectic record collection. His mom brings you both mini pizzas as snacks and doesn't mind that it "smells a little funny down there." And when you get tired of whatever he's playing - he puts on a completely different and equally rad collection of records. And he makes you awesome mixtapes that you can take home with you. is my best friend. Forever.

Kopper, the creator, founder, and head honcho of says on the about-page, "...we'll cover anything we hear that is good—from traditional garage rock to trashy punk, surf/instro to rockabilly, '60s garage to swamp rock, broken blues to greasy R&B, soul to funk, frat rock to psych, freakbeat to power pop, proto punk to new wave, noise to lounge/exotica—and anything in between."

And that's not all! Its not just a site with a bunch of rad podcasts - its also a social networking site. I hate saying those words but - if ever I REALLY wanted to be in a social network - its The Garage Punk Hideout. There are tons of specialized groups with active message boards. The most active are the ones by region - which rules because you get to find out about great shows, venues, and shops that might fly under the hipster radar.

After all this you're probably thinking "well it probably looks really boring and plain and usenet-esque." Nope. And you're a jerk for jumping to conclusions. I don't have web design experience - but I look at a lot of them. And the site design is cool, simple, and intuitive. You also get to have your own page with a lot of customization - minus stupid crap like "glitter graphics," and Farmville, etc.

And though they do have ads on their pages - they aren't intrusive, dumb ads. Most that I've seen have been for labels/bands that I already like. Hosts can choose to advertise or not. One of the shows advertises for some skateboard company - but that's all I've heard. And I like skateboard companies, as a general rule.

I just love love love it. The whole spirit of it. All the people I've connected with there are super friendly and helpful. I've found myself going there for answers to music-based questions more and more.

More from Kopper: "This was all done with two major goals in mind: First and foremost, we wanted to try to do more to expose the music that we think is good (as well as featured on my radio show) but that most people have never heard simply because they don't seek it out, have never been exposed to it before, or can't hear my show for one reason or another. Secondly, to encourage each and every one of you to support your local independently owned record stores, mailorder sites, and especially the indie labels that produce the vast majority of music featured here."

Times I most like to listen to the various shows: doing the dishes, painting, drinking beers with buds, in the car, while playing horrible online flash games, and in the shower.

If you give two shits about rocknroll - you should probably check out

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sonic Reducer Radio

I had a radio show at Ball State University a long time ago. It kinda sucked. Pete, my co-host, and I played awesome stuff but the time-slot was crappy and we just didn't really know what we were doing. Since then, I've pulled off one live podcast this past Halloween (albeit with some technical difficulties). It was tons and tons of fun and this time - I'm doing it from my dining room where I KNOW my signal won't get dropped.

So tonight, Sunday November 15th - I'll be live on my Ubroadcast channel Sonic Reducer Radio. Tonight will be a hodgepodge of punk, post punk, weirdo stuff, soundtracks, random records, psyche, surf, trash, thrash, and.........MEAT COMA!. That is right folks. You'll get to hear a couple of rough recorded gems from the best band you've never heard.

I'll post an edit with the archive of this episode after we finish up. As long as all my gizmos and jerry-rigged electronics don't fart out - this should be a super fun first episode. I hope you'll turn on, tune in, and drop me some comments if there is something you wanna hear or just wanna say hi. I'll be live chatting on the actual page.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Curse - Teenage Meat

This album is one of around a dozen albums I picked up on an epic teenage trip to the pawn shop downtown. Anderson, Indiana - like many great cities of the Midwest - was not regaled for its assortment of record shops. Some indie shops shot up and sank - leaving a few good records and tapes floating around. But this was back when - if I or someone I knew didn't physically own a copy of an album, it just didn't exist. I read about shit in Maximum RocknRoll but couldn't afford a lot of mail order. And then one day I had some lawn mowing money and went into Alan's Jewelry and Loan....

And found a HUGE punk collection of cds had been pawned. Most for only a buck each. It was awesome. I just remember being in a fervor. Some I remember picking up:
-Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation
-New York Dolls - Self Titled
-Bikini Kill - The First Three
-Velvet Underground - Best Of
-Sonic Youth - Dirty

and of course The Curse - Teenage Meat.

The Curse was an all female punk band from Canada. Some of the info I read said that they were supposedly one of three of the first all-female punk bands (The B-Girls and The Dishrags being the other two). But as with all facets of punk rock history - someone ALWAYS did it first. Doing it your way and making it the right way is what makes the first. And these girls did what they did first, the right way - and I am better for it.

The Canadian punk scene is a hugely unknown one to me. If anyone knows of a good book or zine on the subject - I'd be interested. Here is a really good article about a Canadian punk festival that celebrates the history of the various scenes. And here is a Canadian punk mixtape for sale - featuring The Curse.

Well, I guess if you like lo fi 70s punks, women you don't introduce to your parents, and Canada - you should download this. And let me know what you think, you little jerks.


1. The Curse - If It Tastes So Great, Swallow It Yourself (Live) (1:46)
2. The Curse - Johnny Feels Good (Live) (1:27)
3. The Curse - He's My Boy (Live) (2:36)
4. The Curse - No More Ice Cream (Live) (2:24)
5. The Curse - Blunks (Live) (2:29)
6. The Curse - Aggravation (Demo) (1:57)
7. The Curse - Eat Me (Demo) (2:17)
8. The Curse - Switchblade Love (Demo) (3:22)
9. The Curse - I Accuse You (Demo) (3:03)
10. The Curse - Somthin' You Can't Tell Your Mother (Demo) (2:10)
11. The Curse - Feelin' Dirty (Demo) (2:20)
12. The Curse - Oh My God (Demo) (2:00)
13. The Curse - Teenage Meat (2:30)
14. The Curse - Killer Bees (3:02)
15. The Curse - Shoeshine Boy (2:26)
16. The Curse - Eat Me (2:43)
17. The Curse - I Accuse You (3:05)
18. The Curse - Somthin' Ya Can't Tell Your Mother (2:23)
19. The Curse - Switchblade Love (3:28)
20. The Curse - Aggravation (2:09)
21. The Curse - Raw (1:37)

Linkage is here===>

Monday, September 7, 2009

Teeto and the Snotragz - Flamin Hot Teetos

Here is an obscure throwback to the mid 90s punk "scene," in Anderson, Indiana. I can't tell if other people will hate it or not because I sort of grew up listening to this band. I hung around with the band Corky and the Retards (whose tape I DON'T have and would like...anyone?). And Corky and Teeto always played shows together. F.O.P, V.F.W, all the Eagles lodges...for being a couple of crappy punk bands they sure did play a lot of shows. There was one in some basement dungeon where no one showed up but the cops. They called my mom cause I was a minor and said "do you know who your daughter is with and where she's at?!"

Get the album here.

From Teeto and the Snotragz dedication myspace site:

"Teeto and the Snotragz was originally just a punk kid that hung out at A1 Records that was eager to join the ranks of other local bands, such as Mindline, the Sokols, Severe and Profound, Monkey Kill Human, Five Pound Skillet and VBF in 1996. His name was Tyler Soverns and he could barely play a bar chord.
Too young and inexperienced to be in his older brother's band, Bean Dip, he decided to do his own thing. He couldn't get anyone to be in his band due to the fact that he couldn't play very well so he recorded an E.P. of the very first songs he wrote on his mother's walkman sized cassette recorder using his brother's amp and his friend Troy's guitar that only had 3 strings. In those days there were no CD burners or home recording studios so he made and sold over 200 cassettes of "Now with Onions" to his friends at school and at Mounds Mall for $2 each. They were all dubbed on his home stereo and the covers where hand drawn and cut out by him and his friends. They came with a dog biscuit and a package of Taco Bell Fire sauce taped to them for some reason.
Paul Hagan was his best friend and actually wrote a song called "The Crappin Blues" for this release and was quickly recruited to be the bass player when his real band "Mindline" would allow him to practice with Teeto. After selling tapes and getting a small amount of notoriety kids started asking him if he needed anyone else to join the band. These were the same kids that earlier that year wouldn't give Tyler the time of day. Tracey Goode was the first drummer and played their first show in December of 97 at Espresso Chalet as A1 Records (the only 'venue' in Anderson) had recently shut down. They played with Corky and the Retards and Illithid and they had no idea what they were doing.
They kept practicing and getting a little better and asked Joe Baker of Jerkwater to join as the drummer. They played a few shows and recorded a full length album on a 4 track in the summer of 98 with the help of Matt Hagan. Tyler moved to Seattle shortly after and very few people ever heard the recording.
There were a few classic songs such as Bo Bo the Wonder Hamster, I hate Miricle Whip, Kill the Manson Teens, and Matt Sokol is a Queer that seemed to be well received by a few (very few) loyal fans. Mostly this band was the forerunner for Life After Bed, the band that changed the face of music as we know it. Did you really read all of this crap?"

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Music to keep me from murder.

Photo courtesy of my favorite Flickr friend Superbomba

I've been watching a lot of Dexter lately thanks to a renewed Netflix account and an antisocial sort of life. Not antisocial, just situational-socio-isolation. Whatever. But I'm really liking it. It is more intelligent than I thought - that name, Dexter, just threw me off. Anyhow, I really like the idea that he is supposedly "pretending," all the time - to be human. Every person who has ever done a little reflection has probably considered the idea. I work in customer service - and it really deads-my-head some days. Empty, phatic expressions uttered 300 times a day - leaving one to wonder what is said in earnest and when auto-pilot is on. Nods and waves and how-do-you-dos.
Some of those days - I just need to come home, go into my room, shut the door, and listen to this stuff. I hope you enjoy it.

Music to stay sane to. A late-July mix by Jannell.

1. x - Warning (0:35)
2. Flipper - Ha Ha Ha (2:19)
3. Japanther - See Evil (1:52)
4. Pissed Jeans - I've Still Got You (Ice Cream) (3:07)
5. Judas Preist - METAL MELTDOWN (5:02)
6. Pixies - Break My Body (2:05)
7. Cave In - Juggernaut (5:35)
8. No Age - Ripped Knees (2:53)
9. GWAR - Sick Of You (3:08)
10. Warsaw - Failures (2:30)
11. Misfits - Hatebreeders (3:07)
12. DEAD MILKMEN - Dead Milkmen - Violent School (1:57)
13. New Math - Invocation (4:16)
14. CKY - Rio Bravo (3:10)
15. Vivian Girls - I Believe In Nothing (2:26)
16. Pelican - Forecast For Today (7:29)
17. Pulp - common people.mp3 (5:50)
18. The Dead Milkmen - Instant Club Hit (You'll Dance To Anything) (3:37)
19. Beck - Mutherfucker (2:05)
20. Bobby Stantons Sextet - Scree.....Argh (1:50)
21. The Dicks - Dicks Hate The Police (1:58)
22. Descendents - I'm Not A Loser (1:28)
23. Danzig - Evil Thing (3:18)
24. The Cure - So What (2:30)
25. Moistboyz - fuck you (6:50)
26. Built To Spill - Goin' Against Your Mind (9:49)
to download.

Japanther(Photo courtesy of

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Man is the Bastard

Here is another album dug out of my boxes of discarded teenage memorabilia. My boyfriend picked this one up years and years ago. Most of my CDs don't last very long (I HATE compact disc format). This one survived though - and I'm glad. I'm sure there aren't too many floating around.

Man is the Bastard was a band that pioneered the Power Violence genre. This whole album is funny while at the same time making you wanna throw your beer bottle against the wall and smash your hand through a glass coffee table. Yeah. You can find out more about them here or here at their myspace.

54 tracks in playlist, average track length: 1:19
Playlist length: 1 hour 11 minutes 23 seconds

Man is the Bastard D.I.Y.C.D

1. Man Is The Bastard - (Tony Williams) Strifetime (1:06)
2. Man Is The Bastard - Abundance Of Guns (0:27)
3. Man Is The Bastard - Attempt To Damage (0:12)
4. Man Is The Bastard - Blood Gutter (1:14)
5. Man Is The Bastard - Doll (1:20)
6. Man Is The Bastard - Ether Rag (0:57)
7. Man Is The Bastard - Eunuch (0:25)
8. Man Is The Bastard - Existence Decay (1:04)
9. Man Is The Bastard - Fine Feathered Friend (1:55)
10. Man Is The Bastard - Flying Limbs (1:12)
11. Man Is The Bastard - Grasp The Bug (2:40)
12. Man Is The Bastard - H.S.M.P. (0:46)
13. Man Is The Bastard - Heretics Fork (1:23)
14. Man Is The Bastard - Human Condition (3:55)
15. Man Is The Bastard - Incoming (0:35)
16. Man Is The Bastard - Instantly Bent (0:59)
17. Man Is The Bastard - Justice Is Swift (Jack) (0:59)
18. Man Is The Bastard - Koro Treatment (2:34)
19. Man Is The Bastard - Lime Doom (0:15)
20. Man Is The Bastard - Lobotomize A Cop (2:09)
21. Man Is The Bastard - Mary Jane (The Ultimate Girl) (0:29)
22. Man Is The Bastard - Media Prophet (2:23)
23. Man Is The Bastard - Mocha Rebirth (0:10)
24. Man Is The Bastard - Mr. Wilson (0:29)
25. Man Is The Bastard - No Concern For The Inhuman (1:00)
26. Man Is The Bastard - Oil Bomb (0:32)
27. Man Is The Bastard - Once Upon A..... (0:20)
28. Man Is The Bastard - Pain Of The Iron (0:42)
29. Man Is The Bastard - Poacher (1:21)
30. Man Is The Bastard - Refuse To Thrive (0:13)
31. Man Is The Bastard - Regression To Birth (2:25)
32. Man Is The Bastard - S.O.I.G. (1:59)
33. Man Is The Bastard - Scavengers World (3:56)
34. Man Is The Bastard - Screwdriver In The Urethra Of Thomas Lenz (0:22)
35. Man Is The Bastard - Secret Surgery (0:08)
36. Man Is The Bastard - Semen In The Eyesocket Of Thomas Lenz (0:17)
37. Man Is The Bastard - Shoes Of Cement (0:36)
38. Man Is The Bastard - Slave To The Bean (0:10)
39. Man Is The Bastard - Slay Or Slander (1:19)
40. Man Is The Bastard - Smile Trick (1:02)
41. Man Is The Bastard - Snake Apartment (0:22)
42. Man Is The Bastard - Squaw (2:44)
43. Man Is The Bastard - Steak Eating Boss (1:05)
44. Man Is The Bastard - Stocks (0:23)
45. Man Is The Bastard - Suttee (1:47)
46. Man Is The Bastard - Telegram Death Threat (0:27)
47. Man Is The Bastard - The Arena (3:33)
48. Man Is The Bastard - The Iron Room (0:34)
49. Man Is The Bastard - Tomb Ride (5:22)
50. Man Is The Bastard - Trapped Within Burning Machinery (1:21)
51. Man Is The Bastard - Tumult Being (2:36)
52. Man Is The Bastard - Volatile Cocktail (1:12)
53. Man Is The Bastard - Walkers Of The Streets (3:42)
54. Man Is The Bastard - Work To Death (0:15)

Click the album for the download. Leave a comment if you dig or have anything to say about this album.

Friday, July 17, 2009

That goo-monster from Creepshow 2... real!!!!!

Here is the story about an "Artic goo," that is devouring animals and eating through ice! As soon as I read it, I thought back fondly to that scene in Creepshow 2 where the gross boyfriend is trying to feel up his girl on the raft while he thinks she's asleep. Then....HE REALIZES THAT THE GOO IS EATING HER FACE! Awesome.

Here is footage of the goo in action

As for a music selection for this post - I dug up this track from the album "Sounds of Terror." The album is a sort of scary-story record and the sound effects are hilarious. This one is about The BLOB. Pretty much backs up my story.

Click the album for the download.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fabulous Metal Bozo Clowns

Lawnmower Deth was introduced to me, as many favorite bands were, on the ride to Highland High school with my pal Rik Henry. This album reminds me of Rik drinking screwdrivers while driving me to school and praying we made it there in one piece. But I'm not going to lie - I did feel like we were total badasses. I guess we were. And this was part of the soundtrack to our teenage rebellion.

Originally formed as SCRAWM in 1987 - these English dudes set out to have a thrash metal band. I suppose like many thrash metal bands - they kind of got bored with the some old faster faster harder harder scream scream scream. So they reformed as Lawnmower Deth and put a humorous slant on their music. Where many have failed in this plight, Lawnmower Deth still kept their thrash-chops - not letting the funny compromise the thrash. I'm glad. I'm one of those jerks that can't stand The Dave Brockie Experience - and its simply cause it is made MORE to be hilarious and less to be kick ass metal. Still love Gwar though. Gwar forever.

According to Wikipedia - pop punk is the reason this band broke up. Once all that Green Day noise gained notoriety with the kids - Lawnmower Deth just couldn't sell records anymore. They still have a myspace. And we still have great albums such as the one I'm sharing with you.

From Wikipedia: Lawnmower Deth's second studio album, Return of the Fabulous Metal Bozo Clowns, was released in 1992. The band's sense of humour extended into their cheap but enjoyable music videos. Both "Kids in America" and "Lawnmowers for Heroes, Comics for Zeros", the latter from Metal Bozo Clowns, were recorded on home video cameras and edited in an amateur fashion.

Return of the Fabulous Metal Bozo Clowns
1. The Return Of The Fabulous Metal Bozo Clowns
2. Jaggered Wedge
3. Bad Toad
4. Feetcleaner
5. Drunk In Charge Of An Ugly Face
6. Paranoid Polaroid
7. Frash For Cash
8. Crazy Horses
9. Enter Mr. Formica (Icky Ficky Pt. II)
10. Lawnmowers For Heroes, Comics For Zeros
11. Urban Surfer 125
12. A Is For Asswipe
13. Sorrow (So Dark, So Scared)
14. Goldfish Podge
15. R.F. Potts
16. Wormy Eyes
17. Be Scene, Not Heard
18. Egg Sandwich
19. Anyone For Tinnies
20. King Of The Pharaohs
21. Illinois Enema Bandit
22. Fookin' Moo Vit

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jeremy Fish Blogs - Fans Rejoice.

Jeremy Fish has a brand-spankin new blog up at the Juxtapose magazine website:

I've been a huge fan of Fish since the first time I saw his stuff in Juxtapose. And its weird because I'd heard his name tons due to an acquaintance that moved to California and apparently was dating this great artist - who happened to be Fish. They aren't together anymore - but I'm glad that his name stuck in my head.

Dead Rapper Decks

Several months ago - my favorite art news/inspiration website - took questions from visitors to their site to ask Jeremy Fish. And they picked mine! Here is the vid in case you missed it.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rotten Luck.

The day has come.

The day to get this meth-head lookin tooth out of my dang face.

I chickened out this morning. See, I have to go to this really ghetto joint - I have no insurance - and bring proof of income and blah blah blah. They usher you back to this cubicle with suspiciously vintage equipment (which in any other situation would simply delight you). A dentist-type person comes in, hastens you backwards in the green vinyl chair with assuages that you'll be fine. The only comfort is that it is almost the worst thing you'll have to go through and it might be over soon.

Here is the song I'm using as a calming potus for the ears:

Thurston Moore - Psychic Hearts

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Songs my Great Grandad wrote.

A big chunk of my personal possessions consists of old pictures and misc. documents from generations of our family. I don't have much family left - and certainly no one else interested in preserving and sharing these things. This is the very start of a long sorting process. For interesting finds like these - I'm really stoked to put them on the internet.

The following are copyright documents for songs written by my Great Grandfather nearly 100 years ago. I would love to hear these songs. I wonder if he was ever able to record.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My friend, Flickr: Best Photostream of the Month - Snailbooty!

I don't know Snailbooty. I only know this person as my absolute favorite Flickr contact. I rely on Flickr to keep me pumped with as much inspiration as I can see with two eyes. You'll often find me with tunes playing and a Flickr slideshow rolling on the screen. Talk about beating the hell out of TV.

I'm going to start posting my favorite photostream slideshows from my contacts every month. And if you want to stare at something other than reruns of The Family Guy and horrible, horrible reality shows (The Hills makes me pray for apocalypse) - watch this slideshow! And if you like it, say so, stupid.

-Flickr profile

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Print media is not dead: Humanbeing Lawnmower

When I saw the last issue of Maximum Rock and Roll was about the supposed demise of print media - I ordered it quick. MRR was the first punk zine I had the pleasure of reading and my story is similar to many others: Midwest kid with small-to-no "scene," discovers magazine that lets the kid know that there is a big world full of punk rock and art and culture out there. It was a comfort thumbing through those newsprint pages while squatting for hours at the local Waffle House (drinking black coffee - stare at the walls).

Another thing MRR introduced me to was the world of mail-order zines. When I could afford it, I'd order zines from their review section. For years I have wanted to do one of my own but always manage to figure out how NOT to get it done over and over again. Not too many zines I procured back then stick out in my mind as really good, but they all were lovingly put together by dumb kids like me.

Years later another cool little punk-rocker girl named Sybilla (like 12 years old) started Youth Culture Killed My Dog (a nice, subtle nod to her favorite band). Haling from my hometown of Anderson - Sybilla did everything I wish I had done as a young punk: booked shows, printed her comics, didn't give a shit about what anyone thought or said about her, and put out a rad zine. And it wasn't just "cute," stuff by a bunch of kids. There were thoughtful record reviews of older albums her, her little sister, and her friends had discovered. There were great interviews with bands and funny show reviews. It was great! I don't know what happened to all mine - but I'd like to get a hold of those again. I have not kept up with Sybilla's doings since I moved to Muncie. If you know her - tell her to email me.

I still buy MRR sometimes and have just recently started ordering zines again. I also have found many cool little (and inexpensive) on, a handmade/art/craft/vintage online marketplace. I'm going to start posting reviews of exemplary ones

Human Being Lawnmower
Issue #2

I know the guy that does this has a new address so find out more about ordering one by consulting the myspace page:

Right out of the envelope I knew that this was a good buy. The zine itself is made on a medium-thick card-stock material. The front and back cover are done in printed color with great artwork/illustrations. This is the kind of zine that you not only want to keep around for the content, but the rad rad rad aesthetic value. MRR has been printed on newsprint forever. Though I do like the lower cost of newsprint, after tossing MRR in and out of my backpack a few times, well - the covers of them are usually shredded.

Inside there are great articles and reviews of 77 type punk and rocknroll bands. I was stoked about reading not one, but TWO interviews with two different members of The Flaming Groovies. The comics and illustrations are wonderful (great "centerfold," layout for The Flaming Groovies with caricatures)and a lot of content and art are jammed in without being all bungled up. There is also a nice little review section and an article about the greatest moments in wrestling.

I'm serious: buy this zine if you give two shits about any of the featured bands or artwork. Its worth it. And now I leave you with a few tracks you can download that pertain to the music in the zine. Click on the pictures of the records for the tunes.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Cat Profile: Inspired by Kira!

Kira is a somber, 9 year old house-cat. She acts out sometimes, biting a hand that wanders too close to her belly. When it storms outside she bleats like a frightened lamb and stays close afoot. She once was put on quarantine by the Ball State University Health Center for biting a student. The student did not wash his hands. Ever. His name was Josh. Josh's wound became infected and, despite all the flowers and issues of Nintendo Power we took to the hospital, subsequently died. R.I.P, Josh.*

*(Josh actually moved far, far away)

Now playing: Wu-Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M.
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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our Country's Death Songs

For this long overdue mix, I was going to do a Spring Fling theme. But, to put it as plainly as possible: this shit has got me down. A bunch of people got fired from my store, my hours are cut, and cigarettes have(conveniently) skyrocketed in price. I try not to let my feelings of futility kill my buzz. Life is still okay on the level: cats are still cute and BBQs with friends are still fun. I'm tired of feeling one step ahead though - and I don't even have children. To say times are tough would be a nauseating understatement - but one still made by the middle class, nonetheless.

the plasters fallin' of the wall.
my girlfriend cryin' in the shower
it's hot as a bitch.
i should've been rich.
but i'm just diggin' a chinese ditch.

i'm livin' on a chinese rock.
all my best things are in hock.
i'm livin' on a chinese rock.
everything is in the pawn shop.

-Chinese Rocks
By The Ramones

This mix is for all of my drunken, strung out, screaming neighbors. I want to blast it from the roof and yell for them all to quit kicking their dogs and yelling at their kids. I want everyone to put down their Perkesets and JC Pennys catalouges and pick up bricks and throw them. Or pick up a hobby. Or a book.

This mix is for all the people I worked with who got fired to "cut the fat," so that "the company can continue to thrive." The people were the company. Their kids and their families were the company. And we all just shook our heads, thankful to still have our stupid blue nametags on our shirts.

This mix is for both the amps I pawned and subsequently lost - leaving a huge gap in my few prized possessions.

This mix is for my mother who passed away a couple of years ago. I still attribute her death to the despair of poverty.

This is my reaction to my surroundings. This is my answer to another dead-end day. Shit is going to burn, and this is my soundtrack.

Click here for the mix.

Our Country's Death Songs
A mix by Jannell, Spring 2009

1. Gang Of Four - To Hell with Poverty (4:57)
2. The Smiths - Shoplifters Of The World Unite (2:57)
3. Flipper - Hard Cold World (7:54)
4. Violent Femmes - country death song (5:02)
5. Marilyn Manson - Working Class Hero (3:42)
6. Mission of Burma - That's When I Reach for My Revolver (3:38)
7. Carolina Tar Heels - Peg & Awl (2:59)
8. Guided by Voices - I Am Produced (1:06)
9. Elliott Smith - A Distorted Reality Is Now a Necessity to Be Free (4:32)
10. Fugazi - Merchandise (2:59)
11. Ramones - Chinese Rock (2:30)
12. Black Flag - Clocked In (1:31)
13. 20 Years of Dishord - 14 scream-search for employment (2:03)
14. Motörhead - Eat the Rich (4:35)
15. Bill Monroe - Mule Skinner Blues (2:43)
16. Modest Mouse - Bankrupt on Selling (2:54)
17. Neil Young - Don't Let It Bring You Down (2:57)
18. John C. Reilly - Walk Hard (2:47)
19. guided by voices - hold on hope (3:30)

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***EDIT: Just updated the link to a filedropper link which is way easier and no pop-ups or crapola. So click the link with good faith, friends.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nip Nip Dreams

All the tax-hikes on tobacco and talk about quitting smoking just drives the nail deeper into my feeling that smoking is cool. And so are nipples. Although nipples aren't thought to cause lung cancer - they still have an element of danger.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

This shit

, originally uploaded by snailbooty.

is radical. Check out the rest of Snailbooty's photostream here.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Jeff Taylor Art: Funny hat or not - the art is radical.

Seattle-based artist Jeff Taylor talks about his inspirations, what art he can and cant' do when he drinks, and explains his self-taught techniques in oil painting.

Originally from Anderson, Indiana, Jeff moved to Seattle a few years back. In his opinion (and mine), it was a good move to propel his art career. In Anderson he was commissioned to do things like paint strip clubs and bbq pit restaurants. A dude can only pilfer his talent on naked silhouettes and flame-patterns so long.

For more information on Jeff Taylor visit

Interview by A Girl on a Mission.

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Peter Gaunt Photography: There IS more than corn in Indiana. There are junkyards too.

Its no secret that Peter Gaunt is pretty much my best friend in the world. I mean, he is in a band with my boyfriend. So we spend a lot of time together. Well, when he's not: playing in The Bashville Boys, shooting and editing for The Daily News (BSUs number-one-and-only capus rag), working at a print shop, partying like a champ, and keeping up his GPA.

Oh, and he just flew to New York to see his rad girlfriend and interview for a rad job.

Peter Gaunt actually makes me feel like a steamy, blogging turd.

Anyhow, the important thing is that Pete is a mover and a shaker - a guy that I can borrow money off of someday. And what makes him so effing special? A simple, clean, and artfully compositional approach to photography.

This series is one of my recent favorites - taken at G.W Pierce Auto junkyard. For the record - despite the grim pics - this is a nice place to visit for business or, um, pleasure in Muncie, IN.

I went there to sell a car battery and was overwhelmed by the massive stretch of wrecked cars - vehicles stalled in time. Gaunt's photos capture the tiny parts, the parts that tell the whole story with no words, and create gestalt, in-your-face images.

Peter Gaunt Photography

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Skull Chicken - An exploration of polymer clay, solitude, and a growing propensity for nightmares.

Time indoors + room of art and craft supplies x coffee = Fun Experimentations!