Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tiny Little Severe

It is a fine evening. The windows are open wide. It is warm out with a dreary purple haze bringing down the sun. After tying one on pretty tight last night - it feels good to sit like a bump on a scrote, drinking Mt. Dew and smoking smokes. I am working on a drawing in a book that I want to send back and forth with my talented, yet far away friend, Josh. I have been so focused lately on producing stuff that people will like seeing hung up - I feel like I've forgotten how to just have fun drawing.

Having a lot of your good friends move far away is tough - but we're really lucky to be able to keep up with each other on the internetz. Luckily most of mine keep me up-to-date on their major happenings. Josh was slow to post a lot of stuff because he said it made him feel like he was just trying to get attention. But I love seeing what people are doing with their time. It is just that much radder when they are using their time to make kick-ass art. Josh has a Facebook for his projects - Tiny Little Severe Press I wish Josh were here right now but he seems to have found some joy in Connecticut. That makes me happy. Here is some stuff he's been churning out:

I did have the pleasure of sharing some artzncraftz time with my gal pal Sara Fuller. She drove here from Indy on a whim . We drew pictures and painted and cut stencils into the redick-hours of the night and into the morning - only stopping to eat pizza and pee pee. Even though I didn't get a lot cranked out - we both had a blast.

And as I blog this very moment - I'm listening to www.realpunkradio.comand thoroughly enjoying listening to a live Dj play decent music. Live radio is a good way to keep me focused on stuff when I'm by myself so I listen to this station a lot. You should too.