Saturday, November 8, 2008

"You're ruining the Butthole Surfers!"

Last night I listened to my friends do a radio show at the BSU station and I remembered why I am lucky to have them - even if we don't see each other that often. Rik Henry's radio show (which hasn't been named yet - I suggested Roarin Rik Radio) could very well evolve into a cult sensation...if people listen. On the show Rik and James discussed Frank Black, points for and against the new Metallica album, and how hard it was to navigate the station's control panel.

As Rik attempts to get the track to play-

Rik: There are so many buttons!!!

James: You're ruining the Butthole Surfers! You're ruining the Butthole Surfers!

And with that perfect introduction, the song roared forth.

I asked myself, "would this be as endearing and entertaining if these guys were not my pals?" As I pondered this - James was arguing against the new Metallica album before launching into a great Stone Roses song. And that sums it up. I can't covey with words how funny, informed, and uniquely strange these guys are - between the both of them their knowledge of all quality music is massive. Both are self-admittedly socially awkward, old music geeks. To me, this makes for a great late-night radio show. Think Mark Borchdart and Mike Shenk from American Movie, but not really at all and on the radio. For fans of rad and widely unheard music and unscripted radio hilarity - definitely plan on tuning in. The shows air Fridays at midnight on Just click "live stream," and an in-browser player will pop up with an accompanied instant messenger for requests or "hollas." The guys plan on archiving their shows via podcasts soon...but they probably need me to record and post them. Will do!