Friday, March 5, 2010

A few good things produced by winter

Yeah yeah blogger cliche - I haven't posted in forever - blah blah blah. But I'm back with renewed blogging vigor and a shit ton of stuff I want to share. First of all, this winter has been complete bullshit. Today was the first sunny, bearable day in Muncie, IN. I spent it mostly indoors on Hydrochodone and coffee after having a gnarly tooth extraction yesterday.

In between toothaches, blizzard conditions, and gruesome work schedules - I've also kept busy with my band Meat Coma. We recorded an album back in December and have yet to let it "drop," officially. So I've just been posting it on the internet. We'll have a proper release sometime in the spring. And you'll want it. Tons of bonus tracks and rad art will accompany this EP. Till then - check it out.

Some money shots of Meat Coma in action:

Another great album coming out of Muncie is Nic Lee's solo album. Nic Lee has been in quite a few notable Muncie scene bands - probably most fondly remembered with The Lou Reeds. He currently plays in Meat Coma's brother-band, Hollis Mason. He also happens to be married to Meat Coma's other guitarist - Judi Lee. You can hear her vocals on Nic's song Care Package. Listen to the whole album here.

Real Punk Radio has been another winter savior for me. Lots of lonely nights spent there. My last post was about how wonderful was. And even though there are still a ton of great shows, resources, and people at the site - it is no longer being updated by its creator, Kopper. He has some family medical things going on and is kind of leaving it to the community to upkeep. I discovered Real Punk Radio on awhile back and it has been really rad listening as it has progressed. They have several shows, some live, some pre-recorded - and the shows span a wide variety of music. Punk, trash, thrash, hardcore, ska, weirdo shit - anything and everything. 24hrs a day everyday. They're good about interacting w/ the audience via chat or email. And the best part? They play the shit out of Meat Coma. The people who run it are a nice couple from the Tennessee hills and are super dedicated to providing a quality station. So check them out! Real Punk Radio dot com.

Well - I hope everyone else is coming out of this winter unscathed. Check back soon and drop me a line if you have anything you'd like covered.