Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Scare Trax!

In this final week of October - I'm just now getting around to digging into the internet-Halloween craze. Every year lots of bloggers are posting killer Halloween comps - and I'm joining the ranks once again. Behold, one of the scariest comps out there. NSFW or children - this is in the true spook-spirit. Best listened to on headphones and/or in the dark.

The first song is one I put together using some old Aleister Crowley recordings with looped sounds from BBC Sound Effects - Death And Horror, ripped from glorious vinyl. I used Virtual DJ to mix it. The rest of the tracks are all evocative of my Halloweens past. While straying away from obvious classics like The Misfits and Moster Mash stuff - I've included music that reminds me of youth. Sludgy, dark metal like Swine and the twitchy theatrics of Idiot Flesh make me want to load up on eggs and toilet paper, steal a sixer from someone's parents, and hit the Halloween streets.

Download it here, Jannell's Scare Trax 2010, or listen to it below with no download. Spread it around and let me know if you dig it.

There are a few Halloween comps I've run across that I've really been digging. The first new Halloween comp I've come across this year is by artwork (which is standard CD case format - so you can print it off and give this as a righteous gift) is rad and the artists and arrangement are fantastic.

From the blog: I've been gathering these fiendish tracks from various sources including YouTube which has been very helpful in digging up some pretty spookatucular sounds,and songs.Once again I designed the artwork myself with what I consider to be better than ever.

And he put out 2 other volumes! Awesome!

And is where to check it out and download. Leave the guy a comment if you dig it - that's the only way these dudes know their doing a good job! One other comp to mention asap is Halloween Hits, which is only up for the month of October. Better get it quick!

Stay tuned for more Halloween links, tunes, and news.