Saturday, March 7, 2009

Jeff Taylor Art: Funny hat or not - the art is radical.

Seattle-based artist Jeff Taylor talks about his inspirations, what art he can and cant' do when he drinks, and explains his self-taught techniques in oil painting.

Originally from Anderson, Indiana, Jeff moved to Seattle a few years back. In his opinion (and mine), it was a good move to propel his art career. In Anderson he was commissioned to do things like paint strip clubs and bbq pit restaurants. A dude can only pilfer his talent on naked silhouettes and flame-patterns so long.

For more information on Jeff Taylor visit

Interview by A Girl on a Mission.

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Peter Gaunt Photography: There IS more than corn in Indiana. There are junkyards too.

Its no secret that Peter Gaunt is pretty much my best friend in the world. I mean, he is in a band with my boyfriend. So we spend a lot of time together. Well, when he's not: playing in The Bashville Boys, shooting and editing for The Daily News (BSUs number-one-and-only capus rag), working at a print shop, partying like a champ, and keeping up his GPA.

Oh, and he just flew to New York to see his rad girlfriend and interview for a rad job.

Peter Gaunt actually makes me feel like a steamy, blogging turd.

Anyhow, the important thing is that Pete is a mover and a shaker - a guy that I can borrow money off of someday. And what makes him so effing special? A simple, clean, and artfully compositional approach to photography.

This series is one of my recent favorites - taken at G.W Pierce Auto junkyard. For the record - despite the grim pics - this is a nice place to visit for business or, um, pleasure in Muncie, IN.

I went there to sell a car battery and was overwhelmed by the massive stretch of wrecked cars - vehicles stalled in time. Gaunt's photos capture the tiny parts, the parts that tell the whole story with no words, and create gestalt, in-your-face images.

Peter Gaunt Photography

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