Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jeremy Fish Blogs - Fans Rejoice.

Jeremy Fish has a brand-spankin new blog up at the Juxtapose magazine website:

I've been a huge fan of Fish since the first time I saw his stuff in Juxtapose. And its weird because I'd heard his name tons due to an acquaintance that moved to California and apparently was dating this great artist - who happened to be Fish. They aren't together anymore - but I'm glad that his name stuck in my head.

Dead Rapper Decks

Several months ago - my favorite art news/inspiration website - took questions from visitors to their site to ask Jeremy Fish. And they picked mine! Here is the vid in case you missed it.

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willavery said...

I liked that egg/omelette analogy with practicing drawing... Nice philisophy. My question is what do you consider are your ultimate goal in art? What is motivating you the most and why?