Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sonic Reducer Radio

I had a radio show at Ball State University a long time ago. It kinda sucked. Pete, my co-host, and I played awesome stuff but the time-slot was crappy and we just didn't really know what we were doing. Since then, I've pulled off one live podcast this past Halloween (albeit with some technical difficulties). It was tons and tons of fun and this time - I'm doing it from my dining room where I KNOW my signal won't get dropped.

So tonight, Sunday November 15th - I'll be live on my Ubroadcast channel Sonic Reducer Radio. Tonight will be a hodgepodge of punk, post punk, weirdo stuff, soundtracks, random records, psyche, surf, trash, thrash, and.........MEAT COMA!. That is right folks. You'll get to hear a couple of rough recorded gems from the best band you've never heard.

I'll post an edit with the archive of this episode after we finish up. As long as all my gizmos and jerry-rigged electronics don't fart out - this should be a super fun first episode. I hope you'll turn on, tune in, and drop me some comments if there is something you wanna hear or just wanna say hi. I'll be live chatting on the actual page.

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