Monday, September 7, 2009

Teeto and the Snotragz - Flamin Hot Teetos

Here is an obscure throwback to the mid 90s punk "scene," in Anderson, Indiana. I can't tell if other people will hate it or not because I sort of grew up listening to this band. I hung around with the band Corky and the Retards (whose tape I DON'T have and would like...anyone?). And Corky and Teeto always played shows together. F.O.P, V.F.W, all the Eagles lodges...for being a couple of crappy punk bands they sure did play a lot of shows. There was one in some basement dungeon where no one showed up but the cops. They called my mom cause I was a minor and said "do you know who your daughter is with and where she's at?!"

Get the album here.

From Teeto and the Snotragz dedication myspace site:

"Teeto and the Snotragz was originally just a punk kid that hung out at A1 Records that was eager to join the ranks of other local bands, such as Mindline, the Sokols, Severe and Profound, Monkey Kill Human, Five Pound Skillet and VBF in 1996. His name was Tyler Soverns and he could barely play a bar chord.
Too young and inexperienced to be in his older brother's band, Bean Dip, he decided to do his own thing. He couldn't get anyone to be in his band due to the fact that he couldn't play very well so he recorded an E.P. of the very first songs he wrote on his mother's walkman sized cassette recorder using his brother's amp and his friend Troy's guitar that only had 3 strings. In those days there were no CD burners or home recording studios so he made and sold over 200 cassettes of "Now with Onions" to his friends at school and at Mounds Mall for $2 each. They were all dubbed on his home stereo and the covers where hand drawn and cut out by him and his friends. They came with a dog biscuit and a package of Taco Bell Fire sauce taped to them for some reason.
Paul Hagan was his best friend and actually wrote a song called "The Crappin Blues" for this release and was quickly recruited to be the bass player when his real band "Mindline" would allow him to practice with Teeto. After selling tapes and getting a small amount of notoriety kids started asking him if he needed anyone else to join the band. These were the same kids that earlier that year wouldn't give Tyler the time of day. Tracey Goode was the first drummer and played their first show in December of 97 at Espresso Chalet as A1 Records (the only 'venue' in Anderson) had recently shut down. They played with Corky and the Retards and Illithid and they had no idea what they were doing.
They kept practicing and getting a little better and asked Joe Baker of Jerkwater to join as the drummer. They played a few shows and recorded a full length album on a 4 track in the summer of 98 with the help of Matt Hagan. Tyler moved to Seattle shortly after and very few people ever heard the recording.
There were a few classic songs such as Bo Bo the Wonder Hamster, I hate Miricle Whip, Kill the Manson Teens, and Matt Sokol is a Queer that seemed to be well received by a few (very few) loyal fans. Mostly this band was the forerunner for Life After Bed, the band that changed the face of music as we know it. Did you really read all of this crap?"


Tristan said...

Jesus Matt Sokol sucked.

Franklin said...

Whatever happened to A1 Records? I owe the original owner forever(forgot his name, alas) for turning me on to a lot of music I would have otherwise missed. I wonder if he is still around.