Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fresh and Fruity: New mix for SPRING (Jens Lekam)

I made my friend and other guitarist of Meat Coma, Judi, a spring mix to cheer her up today. We drove to the graveyard and strolled in the sun this afternoon. Threw rocks into strange holes with her son. Said funny names on the headstones out loud. "Squimple," "Bostangaco," "Coffin," "Wiener," etc...

Here is the tracklist w/ the notes. Its a really entertaining mix. I suggest it for spring cleaning background music.*Originally jotted these notes for Judi. That's why some of it may seem vague and dumb.

Link to download is at the bottom.

Judi Judi fresh and fruity: Spring Mix 2010 by DJJNELLLLLLLLLLLz.
I always forget to put the lists w/ the mixes. I like jotting down the reason for songs sometimes. Enjoy!

1. Think About Life - Paul Cries (3:16)
-This band got a little played out to me. But I really dig the vibe of this song.

2. Pelican - GW (3:34)
-This is such a solid, hopeful, wonderful song. This song is THE REASON I mess w/ melodies based in drop-d.

3. The Arcade Fire - Haiti (4:07)
-Always been my favorite Arcade Fire song. Something about the white noise shit mixed in there. Weird it's called Haiti.

4. Broken Social Scene - anthems for a seventeen year-old girl (4:35)
-For some reason this song makes me think of high school - but in a weird kind of nice way. It also reminds me of something you would have listened to in your bedroom in highschool.

5. The Jesus and Mary Chain - Never Understand (2:57)
-I'm really into this whole strange-noise-background stuff right now. This song is a great example. I wish the guitars were up a tad louder.

6. The Singing Dogs - Hot Dog Boogie (2:30)
-Snagged this off a comp album put together by Lux and Ivy from The Cramps. I just really love animals on songs.

7. Annette Funicello - Pineapple Princess (2:27)
-Sickeningly sweet pop song that reminds me of my mom. She used to sing this sometimes.

8. Nuggets - Summer (60s US Punk) (3:29)
-I heard this song one day after I got off the phone w/ you and we had both been moaning about how much this winter has blowed. I think I had been crying about something. Or you had. This winter was for crybabies.

9. The Cure - Another Journey by Train (3:06)
-It is kick-ass songs like these that make me want to totes jamband it out. When you listen close you can really hear how cheesy/awesome the keyboard is.

10. Yo La Tengo - Blitzkrieg Bop (2:18)
-The most perfect spring song ever.
11. Tokyo Police Club - Cheer it on (2:01)
-This song reminds me of the feeling I get when we play Meat Coma live. Cause they're talkin about their band. And its awesome. I love the guitar in this a lot too.

12. Hüsker Dü - New Day Rising (2:34)
-Fuck! This is another song that makes me want to stay alive! If I ever get super suicidal - I just need this pumped into my ears. Might want to write that down.

13. Andre Williams - The Greasy Chicken (3:09)
-That's RACIST! But that is okay. It is art.

14. jimmy hanna - leaving here (2:22)
-Whoooooweeee that is one hot-lickin jam! Makes me think of Chicago.

15. Xtc - Day In Day Out (3:08)
-Such a weird but good song. I like the way the guy sings. This is the kind of pop music I like.

16. The Descendents - Suburban Home (1:40)
-This is THE song to get me pumped. The shit the Descendents sing about has been a big influence on me since I was a wee jerk. Just such a fucking forceful song.

17. Japanther - Full Cup (2:16)
-First of all, duh, Japanther is my absolute favorite band of the 2000s. Second, picture me doing step aerobics on the bottom stair in my dining room to this song at 6am. Yep. That was a hard 2 min workout.

18. Hearts On Fire - This Sultry Day (4:25)
-Reminds me of the Vivian Girls. I know you hate female singers more than me - but I think we could pull this song off pretty good. I like it a lot.

19. Something Pretty Beautiful - I Want To Watch (2:43)
-This is from my I'm-a-homosexual-teenage-boy-in-the-closet genre of music. It also is quite sunny. And I like the cheesy twang guitars.

20. Frank Black & The Catholics - True Blue (1:49)
-Yet another beautiful dittie from Frank Black. Straight up country cruise tunes.

21. The Backdoor Ninjas - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (2:14)
-Tyler Soverns, Joey Dreamdate, and Paul Hagan were The Backdoor Ninjas. They made an album of pop covers that rules to this day. Anderson summer classic. Great live. R.I.P.

22. Do Make Say Think - In Mind (4:00)
-This was the band that was playing in Chicago I wanted to go see that night. Could have been a boring show - but jeezus this song is beautiful. Don't know if they're from the midwest but doesn't this just remind you of Indiana in the spring?

23. Jens Lekman - Black Cab (4:54)
-(see #19) *Also NOT appropriate for children. It says goddamn a bunch.

24. Saves The Day - Hold (2:21)
-This is the worst song that I like. But I do. So deal with it. And like it. It is my favorite nice-weather-driving song. I hate myself.

25. Band of Horses - The Funeral (5:22)
-So pretty. I usually really dislike vocally centered dream-pop. But I do want this at my funeral.

Here is the link to download, son.