Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You in reverse.

My friend Artie snapped some pics of some stuff I have hanging at Savages until the next First Thursday. I don't absolutely love each piece but DO like the way they mix. I kind of wanted it to look like the walls I like at home, in my own space.

I went to hang these on my own. That was a big deal since I have such a hard time executing even 2 out 5 things I like that I want to do any given day. No urgency. Public displays of art stuff or music really light a fire under my ass. Flickr just doesn't do it for me anymore.

There was some C-hole there when I was hanging them up. It was like 4pm and he was the only other dude in Savages. He kept playing STP really loud on his laptop and telling me some pieces were crooked. I told him "that was my thang," and started purposely tacking them up all willy-nilly. That drove him crazy. And I like that.

Currently listening to: Built to Spill - Liar.
Drinking: Pink Lemonade.
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Traci Lutton said...

You don't seem to realize the talent you have. I admire your humility but jack up those prices! You should really visit Phoebe. That gallery already loves your work.